iPhone Apps

Below are iPhone and iPod Touch apps by Ryan Ziolko. Click on the name of an app to post support issues.

Crime Time

Enjoy procedural police dramas? Can't remember when and where you are? Really need to know your street address? Then Crime Time is the app for you.

Just listen to some of these testimonials:
"As a time traveler, knowing my time _and_ place can really come in handy. Thanks Crime Time!" -Marty

"I knew it could find my current street address, but when I found out it could also give me the time... I was blown away." -Timmy

"My inner Law & Order (tm) fan gets goosebumps whenever I run this app." -Jack

Intrigued? Give it a try.

Note: This app works best on an iPhone 3G. If you actual street address can't be found, some interesting famous addresses are used.


Autodestruct turns your iPhone or iPod into a self destruct button. Press the big red button to start the countdown and alarm and wait for the white flash as a nuclear detonation destroys your phone. Want to scare a friend? Flick the switch to turn on shake detection. If anyone picks up your phone once the switch is set the self destruct sequence will be initiated.

-play a loud annoying sound which will definitely scare your friends and family out of bed.

-Initiate self destruct when the phone is picked up - even if the screen has gone black. A great way to startle your friends or minimize the chance of theft.

Space Evader

Space Evader is an intense 2-D action game in which you develop your evasive maneuver skills. Using the built-in accelerometer, navigate your ship through space avoiding your fiery pursuers. A collision results in an untimely end for you and your brave crew. Stay alive as long as you can, aiming for a new high score. Beginners can expect to survive around 5 seconds, but with practice (and a little luck) the sky is the limit. Be warned, this game can be difficult to put down once you start. Start Evading!


Incoming is a fast paced 2-D space shooter. Man your defenses and destroy incoming attackers as they try to slam into your ship. You control your ship's gun, firing at wave after wave of attackers. Blast away at your assailants and accumulate points as you take them out.

Version 2.0 of incoming is full of new features. New enemies wait to attack you. Drones are mindless and race straight towards your ship. Dodgers swerve back and forth in an attempt to avoid your attacks. Heavy Combat ships launch an attack at you before speeding along a collision course with your ship. Enemies have even colonized passing asteroids to launch their attacks.

2.0 also includes powerups to aid you in your struggle. The expanding bullet pumps energy into your shot while you hold your fire. Spread shots fire a volley of bullets at your enemies. Launch missiles at your enemies for a devastating explosive attack. Your weapons aren't the only things that have been upgraded. Collect blue shield bonuses to permanently increase your shield strength or red shield bonuses to temporarily become invincible. Be careful not to target passing powerups. Destroying them will prevent you from acquiring them.


Halloween has come and gone, but the bobbling has just begun. Entertain your friends and family with the free, kid-friendly Bobbleween. Mix and match the heads of six classic Halloween characters. Put the oversized pumpkin head on the body of a witch, or put the devil's head on a mummy.

Flick or shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to send the head bobbling. Listen to the rattling when you give it a shake. This app is great for all seasons. Young kids love combining different heads and bodies and watching them bounce around at their command.


Looking for advice from a wise floating head? Who isn't? Consult the Mystic, and he'll gladly read your fortune. Sometimes he'll offer friendly advice. Sometimes he is a bitter detached head. Most often he is hilarious.

Don't like the lot he's dealt you? Give him a good shake to request a new fortune. Take his advice with a grain of salt - sometimes he'll read you an unwelcome fortune just to make you mad. Tired of listening to his readings? For a change of pace, drag your finger around the screen to play with the fireflies hovering around his head.

Remember that fortunes are for entertainment purposes only. If the floating head tells you to sell your home - don't do it. If he promises plague and pestilence have no fear. Comments about your hygiene you can feel free to act upon. Download Mystic and have fun listening to the ramblings of an ancient disembodied head.


Sick of your day job? Come work on the assembly line. Complete boxes of shapes as they slide past. Wait for the right moment to assemble the boxes if you want to get the Fast Acting bonus. Don't see the pieces that you need? Click on a box of pieces to reload its assembly arm.

Sometimes you just can't keep up with demand. Shake your device to temporarily halt the assembly line. Still not enough time? That's OK - you can let up to 10 percent of the shapes go off the end of the assembly line before you get shutdown.

Heard enough? Then get to work.