Below are iPhone and iPod Touch apps by Ryan Ziolko. Click on the name of an app to post support issues.

Crime Time

Enjoy procedural police dramas? Can't remember when and where you are? Really need to know your street address? Then Crime Time is the app for you.

Just listen to some of these testimonials:
"As a time traveler, knowing my time _and_ place can really come in handy. Thanks Crime Time!" -Marty

"I knew it could find my current street address, but when I found out it could also give me the time... I was blown away." -Timmy

"My inner Law & Order (tm) fan gets goosebumps whenever I run this app." -Jack

Intrigued? Give it a try.

Note: This app works best on an iPhone 3G. If you actual street address can't be found, some interesting famous addresses are used.

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