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Looking for advice from a wise floating head? Who isn't? Consult the Mystic, and he'll gladly read your fortune. Sometimes he'll offer friendly advice. Sometimes he is a bitter detached head. Most often he is hilarious.

Don't like the lot he's dealt you? Give him a good shake to request a new fortune. Take his advice with a grain of salt - sometimes he'll read you an unwelcome fortune just to make you mad. Tired of listening to his readings? For a change of pace, drag your finger around the screen to play with the fireflies hovering around his head.

Remember that fortunes are for entertainment purposes only. If the floating head tells you to sell your home - don't do it. If he promises plague and pestilence have no fear. Comments about your hygiene you can feel free to act upon. Download Mystic and have fun listening to the ramblings of an ancient disembodied head.

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