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Incoming is a fast paced 2-D space shooter. Man your defenses and destroy incoming attackers as they try to slam into your ship. You control your ship's gun, firing at wave after wave of attackers. Blast away at your assailants and accumulate points as you take them out.

Version 2.0 of incoming is full of new features. New enemies wait to attack you. Drones are mindless and race straight towards your ship. Dodgers swerve back and forth in an attempt to avoid your attacks. Heavy Combat ships launch an attack at you before speeding along a collision course with your ship. Enemies have even colonized passing asteroids to launch their attacks.

2.0 also includes powerups to aid you in your struggle. The expanding bullet pumps energy into your shot while you hold your fire. Spread shots fire a volley of bullets at your enemies. Launch missiles at your enemies for a devastating explosive attack. Your weapons aren't the only things that have been upgraded. Collect blue shield bonuses to permanently increase your shield strength or red shield bonuses to temporarily become invincible. Be careful not to target passing powerups. Destroying them will prevent you from acquiring them.

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cooldude said...

just advice for an update...
add more weapons, like a mega bomb
thanks for the great game!